Jetson Systems

  • Skills Needed:
    Illustrator, Photoshop
  • Client:
    Jetson Systems

I have done a lot of work for Jetson Systems. I was their first UI designer and was thrilled to watch them grow from a 2 man operation into high end home automation company. I designed several custom UI’s from the ground up for some of their more well healed clients that wanted a design all their own. I also designed the UI that they use as their standard UI for new installs.

A non disclosure agreement I signed with Jetson does not allow me to exhibit most of the work I’ve done for them but I have attached the first UI I designed for a small touch screen device that is no longer in use and some of the UI elements I provided to them piecemeal.

Design Services Rendered: UI and Icon Design for proprietary touch panel devices for home automation programs

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